From Pillow Case to Throw Pillow

My biggest struggle in decorating my new home is hands down the budget. Being newly married, Tom and I don't have a huge reserve of funds to buy every piece of art and scrap of fabric I might want. That may seem like downer, but I've actually been enjoying the challenge of finding creative solutions. One of my favorite methods is to shop the sale sections at Target. To be honest, I discovered this gold mine on accident.

Wandering the aisles of Target, picking up the most adorable things that I really don't need is one of my favorite ways to spend time. On one of these trips I was drooling over the endless lampshade choices and I happened to notice that the endcap was all significantly discounted! Turns out that nearly all the endcaps were the same. I was hooked. On that trip I picked up candles, vases, sheets, and a set of pillow cases all for under $5 each. 

I was particularly in love with the pillow cases. They had a vibrant yellow and cream pattern with a solid gray back--the exact color scheme I was planning to decorate with! Turning it into a throw pillow was so simple. I just took a down pillow I had sitting around, snipped off a little excess, and stitched on some Velcro. I started and finished the entire project during one episode of Brothers & Sisters. 

Here's my finished product:

DIYs that are so simple always seem to be a little extra rewarding. My new pillow now sits proudly in the middle of my couch, and I can't wait to show it off. What's your favorite way around a tight budget? I'd love to hear some more tips and tricks!

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