Seven Inspirations Sunday

Seven Inspiration Sunday is the final feature I plan to introduce right now. I feel like this will be the perfect way to refocus myself each week on the purpose of this blog. As important as it is to live a life of seeing inspiration everywhere, it's equally important to take a moment to intentionally absorb that inspiration. So each Sunday I'll take time to share seven things that are currently inspiring me. 

1. This flawless mixture of bold prints and colors

2. Filling my house with meaningful words

3. Inventive bedside tables (because I have been searching for months and still not found the perfect ones)

4. This incredibly important reminder

5. An easy rug DIY that could possibly warm up my kitchen floor

6. A perfectly creative tabletop layout

7. This amazing fabric that I found this weekend

These things are beautiful to me right now. What's currently inspiring you?

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