52 Recipes: Mini Greek Pizza

First off, I think this week's recipe is great because it involves no measuring and, really, no cooking. You're welcome!

This weekend was sunny, warm and incredible. Yesterday I even painted my toes and busted out my Rainbows. Spring is here and I don't care what the thermometer says. I tell you all of this just to say that all I really wanted from this week's recipe was something light and fresh. In my opinion, mission accomplished--just look at this bowl of delicious beauty.

Mini Greek Pizza Fresh by SevenDaysBlog

As always, first we have to gather our ingredients. 

Mini Greek Pizza Spinach by SevenDaysBlog

A couple handfuls of chopped spinach,

Mini Greek Pizza Tom and Cuc by SevenDaysBlog

half of a cucumber and tomato diced, 

Mini Greek Pizza Olive Feta by SevenDaysBlog

as much feta and as many kalamata olives as your heart desires,

Mini Greek Pizza Pitas by SevenDaysBlog

and a few whole wheat mini pitas. 

Once you have these all portioned out, combine your ingredients in a large bowl, and toss with some balsamic vinegar. 

Mini Greek Pizza Mixed by SevenDaysBlog

Toast the pitas using the broiler at 250˚ for approximately five minutes, and then pile on your toppings. There you go, you've got yourself some fresh, delicious mini pizzas perfect for any spring day!

Mini Greek Pizza Finished by SevenDaysBlog

If you're not big on Greek food then go ahead and use any toppings you might like. Let me know what you come up with!

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