Dollar Store Decorating

Now that Tom and I are living on our own, states away from our families, it's up to us to make holidays special. That's both exciting and nerve wrecking. Exciting because I love establishing traditions and  celebrating basically anything. Honestly, I have the potential to become one of those people with bins full of decorations for holidays as obscure as President's Day. Nerve wrecking because until now our families have determined how we spend holidays and we have a lot to learn. This weekend we'll be having a few friends over Easter lunch and I'm determined to make the first holiday in our home a success. 

The first step to any great celebration is atmosphere and that means decorations! With that in mind I headed to the dollar store, because being on a budget means I need the most bang for my literal buck. I walked up and down every aisle scouring the store for inspiration. What I first noticed is that the dollar store has pretty much everything you could ever need. Did you know that they sell banquet table clothes and shampoo? I had no idea. Once I got over my shock I focused back in on my hunt for decorations, and I ended up with a spool of twine, two vases, and three bags of plastic eggs. 

I knew I wanted some centerpieces for the table so I first set to work on the vases. After a few unsuccessful attempts at making my initial vision come to life, I ended up with something I love even more. 

I absolutely adore these little vases. The pastel color of the eggs against the vibrant colors of the flowers is just the embodiment of spring. I'm actually a little obsessed. They are going to be the perfect addition to our Easter table. 

Next I started on some garland. Once again, my first vision didn't quite work out. That seems to be the status quo with crafting in my house. Whatever, experimenting is half the fun!

In the end I hot glued the eggs along the twine and draped it across my living room window. It's simple, adorable, and adds a much needed pop of spring cheer to the room. 

I love how both of these projects turned out. The best part? The entire thing cost just $6! What's your favorite way to bring holiday cheer to your home? 

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