One Hour DIY: Coffee Table Tray

This week's One Hour DIY is a solution to a problem I've been dealing with for months. While collecting furniture for our house Tom and I were given a gorgeous claw foot coffee table. I painted it goldenrod yellow, and it was instantly my favorite piece in our home. 

The only problem was what to put on top of this amazing table. I first started with some books and a basket, then a combination of boxes, and even nothing at all. None of it worked. Then I remembered a picture I'd seen of a picture frame turned into a tray. I had an empty frame laying around and some fabric I'd been dying to use. It seemed like fate!

This project is laughably easy and yet can make a big statement in any room. Begin by wrapping your fabric tightly around the frame's backing. You can glue if you want, but I opted for tape in case I ever wanted to reuse the fabric for another project. Next just brush a quick coat of paint onto your frame and pop your fabric wrapped backing in. Honestly, this should really be called Five Minute DIY

There you go, a perfectly individualized statement piece that will both liven up and organize your coffee table!

How do you dress up your coffee table? Any tips for stylish organization?

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