Seven Inspirations Sunday

In just a few weeks my in-laws are coming to visit for the first time. This means that I'm experiencing a brand new burst of motivation to finish all my projects around the house. With that in mind, I dedicate today's Seven Inspirations to my to-do list.

1. Simple photo display ideas like this one

2. Printed table runner

3. Creative bedside table solutions (Yes, I'm still hunting.)

4. Printing alternatives

5. Tinting glass with Elmer's Glue and paint

6. Wall arrangements

7. "Love" above the dresser

These are all possible solutions for decorating decisions I'm trying to make--the options are seemingly never ending. Right now I'm feeling a little overwhelmed by all the possibilities, but I promise to share the results as I finish my lengthy list! What about you, what projects are on your plate right now? I'd love to see what crafty things you're all up to!


  1. Replies
    1. Isn't it such a cute idea?! It's from the brilliant ladies over at A Beautiful Mess. I love everything they do.

  2. Great inspiration and super cute blog!! I love it!