Seven Inspirations Sunday

Now that I've finished the bulk of my big house projects I want to start working through my ever growing list  of smaller ideas. In the coming weeks I have a lot of ideas I want to test out, and I'm so excited to share how they turn out!

1. Customizing plain white coffee cups

2. Updating an old pair of jeans with a fresh print

3. Planting herbs and vegetables to keep us stocked with fresh food all spring

4. Healthy snack bars to get me through the work day

5. Finally printing and displaying honeymoon pictures

6. Giving new life to my stack of old t-shirts

7. Fun ways to stay accountable to healthy habits

I've been feeling so inspired by the impending warm weather and sunny skies, and I can see it shaping the types of projects I want to work on. Have you been experiencing the same kind of spring fever? What's on your list for the upcoming weeks? 

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