23 Before 24

This past weekend I took two bigs steps towards some goals I've had for quite some time. The excitement from these steps has left me feeling really inspired to sit down and set out more specific short and long term goals. I've seen many bloggers do lists such as "30 Before 30" that detail what they want to accomplish before a specific birthday or milestone. I decided that I wanted to do one of my own, but I'm just six short months from my next birthday. I wanted a little more time for some of my loftier goals, so I'm going to give myself a whole year and a half! Without further ado, here is my "23 Before 24" (and some random pictures just for fun).

1. Complete my first half marathon (already registered to run one at Disney in January!)
2. Grow as a blogger
3. Watch the entire series of FRIENDS in order

4. Take an art class of some kind
5. Crochet a scarf
6. Fill our memory jar for 2013
7. Develop my own "secret recipe"
8. Be published
9. Go to Nashville, TN

10. Buy my first Chanel nail polish
11. Get a promotion
12. Visit Wilmington, NC (home of Dawson's Creek and One Tree Hill!)

13. Reread the Harry Potter series
14. Make money doing what I love

15. Buy and learn to use a sewing machine
16. Celebrate my one year anniversary with Tom

17. Visit another country
18. Finally commit to taking my makeup off every single night before bed
19. See every one of Ryan Gosling's movies
20. Make a new friend
21. Make a dress
22. Buy an iPad
23. Be content with and thankful for exactly where I am in life

Some of these are very specific and some are intangible. Some are things that I've been thinking about and some just came from my fingertips before I even realized it. No matter what they are, this list will help me remember what I want to focus on in the coming 18 months. I'm really glad that I finally did this. Setting goals is one of my favorite things--it lets you dream up anything you want and gives you such a sense of pride when you finally accomplish it. What are some of your goals for the next few weeks, months or years?


  1. I don't think I can be your friend again until you finish #3.