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I can't count how many times I've heard people say they're "just not crafty enough" for something. I know that I felt this way for a long time. "I'm just not crafty enough to make something like that." was a phrase (excuse) I found myself using all too often. I was intimidated by people would come paint masterpieces, knit gorgeous scarves, or build incredible furniture. I thought that if I couldn't do those things then I must not be able to do anything. Then, I was faced with decorating my own house. An entire home with empty rooms that nobody else was going to come in and magically make beautiful. It was up to me, and on top of that I had to do it on a budget. At first I was a little discouraged, but looking back this project has developed a sense of creativity that I never thought I could have. 

I now have so many finished products (and even more ideas!) that I'm so proud of and really make our house feel like a home. Today I want to share three ridiculously simple projects that I've finished over the past few months that I really love. If you're one of those people that feels uncertain in the land of DIYs then I dare you to give one of these a try and then tell me that you're just not crafty enough.

1. Wine Bottle Vases

This is something that exists on the internet in a million variations. You can paint designs with glass paint, write quotes with Sharpie, "dye" that with Elmer's glue and paint, cut them with acetone and fire--the list goes on. I attempted almost all of these methods while trying to finish my TV stand. I knew that the shape of wine bottles would be perfect in the spot, but no matter how many different things I tried I just didn't love any of them. One day, in pure frustration, I went into my backyard, clipped a few plain branches, and shoved them into clear bottles. I hopelessly plopped them into there place and fell in love! The simplicity of the clear glass and barren branches used up just enough visual space and gave the height that I wanted. I'd tried so many complicated ideas, and in the end it was the easiest route that was the best. 

2. Contact Paper Paintings

This one came to me in a moment of pure panic. We had guests coming to our house for the first time, and I really wanted to make a good impression. I knew that I needed a little something for my bedside table, but I only had about a half hour to make it happen. As luck would have it, there was a stack of small canvases and a roll of contact paper just sitting in my closet. I quickly cute out the letters L, O, V, and E, and slapped two on each canvases. I set them on top of the table just leaning against the wall, and my first thought was "I could have paid $50 for that at Urban Outfitters". Tell me I'm wrong. It's so simple yet makes such a statement. I really love the irregularity of the letters. You could do this project with any word, shape, or pattern that would fit your space. It's perfect.

3. Fabric Scrap Numbered Jars

I had the idea for these little "vases" for awhile, but I really didn't expect to love them as much as I do. The best part about them is how easy they were--I finished the entire project in two episodes of Brothers & Sisters. The trick is they're not really sewn together. I cut out my squares and numbers, hot glued them together, and then just did a quick stitch around the borders. Then I hot glued them to a few jars I'd been saving up. That's it! So simple! I chose to do our wedding date, but just like the canvas project above you could do any word, shape, or number that's appropriate for your space. 

These projects are all so simple, but they bring a strong personal touch to their various rooms. I think that's the best kind of project--one that's easy but fits the need perfectly. Do you have any like that in your home? 

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