Happy to be Back

I know I've been MIA for way too long now, but I swear I have a good reason. As I mentioned last week I had the opportunity to go home and spend a few days with family and some of my oldest friends. The trip was so wonderful and definitely a good refresher after being so far away from everyone for a few months. While I'm so happy that I was able to go, it did bring a few unpleasant realizations along with it. Most of those realizations revolved around how I've been seriously slacking in taking care of my health.

I don't know if it's all the change that being newly married brings, adjusting to living in a whole new state, or the roller coaster of finding a job, but sometime in the last four months I've become completely negligent. I think I didn't realize just how much until I was faced with packing to go home and see all the people who I hadn't seen in months. Sometimes moments of clarity like this can be really depressing, but luckily I was able to turn it into serious motivation. It also probably helped that the friend who I rode to Florida with is like a fitness maniac and totally inspired me. 

Anyway, long story not-so-short, I've spent the past week trying to really get into a routine of eating well and staying active. Sadly that required most of my mental capacity and my blog was neglected, but I'm back now and so excited to share bits of this new journey with you guys!

I don't claim to be a health or fitness expert, but I really wanted to share this meal plan that I've been doing. It's six weeks of meals and snacks laid out for you. It even includes all the necessary recipes and a shopping list! So many times I've wanted to have a more balanced diet but just didn't know where to start. This plan is so easy that I couldn't find any excuses.

I'm just finishing up Week 1, and I can truly already tell a difference in how I feel. I don't think I've ever fully realized just how much diet effects every aspect of life. An added bonus, I'm using food and cooking methods that I've never tried before--once I'm finished I'll have a whole new set of kitchen skills!

If you're like me and want to change your habits but just don't know where to start, I seriously recommend checking this out. Even if you tweak it to fit your life and schedule it's still a great guideline or starting point.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming. I have a ton of great stuff planned for this week so make sure you stop by, check it out, and let me know if you gave this plan a try! 

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