A Mother's Day DIY

Mother's Day is THIS SUNDAY, and I'm super excited to share a little DIY gift idea with you. This is a present I've made in a million variations over the years, and I love it just as much every time. I figure what better way to celebrate someone and make them feel special than to spell out all the reasons they're so great. It's so easy to walk through life and never express how much we love and admire the people closest to us. I think often times I take for granted that they'll just know how much they mean to me. They might know it, but sometimes it's still nice to be told. 

So, this Mother's Day my wonderful mother will be receiving a box full of reasons I think she's great! I had so much fun designing this little box and filling it with heart shaped notes. It's such a simple project, but it's one I know she'll love and truly appreciate. Here's how I made it!

As always, first gather your supplies. I used a small oval box I had in my craft bin, two quilting stater squares, twine, scrapbook paper, and lots of hot glue.

I wanted the inside and out side of my box to be mismatched so I started by covering the outside with my first fabric...

and the inside with the second. I trimmed them both so they would just wrap around the edge and hot glued them so they met in the middle of the outer rim.

Then I carefully glued twine around the rim. I decided on the twine because it adds another level of texture to the box (and it was a simple way to hide the fabrics' edges, double win!).

Next I covered the inside of the box bottom with the same white from the top. I found that the easiest way to accomplish this was to cut and glue an oval piece on the bottom, and then glue another piece wrapped around the sides. 

Finally I covered the outside, folding the extra onto the bottom and leaving a nice even edge on the inside. I added a little "seam" to give the edges a more finished touch. Once my box was covered it was time to write out all my reasons!

I decided on twenty because I like round numbers. Some are really heartfelt and some are a little more fun. 

I added numbers to the back because I'm a list maker at heart.

Then I put them in my box, and patted myself on the back for knowing the way straight to my mother's heart.

This is the first Mother's Day I'll spend away from my mom. That's really sad and hard, but I'm so excited that she'll be opening up a tangible reminder of my love for her. In all my twenty-two years of gift giving I've learned that it's the heartfelt presents, the personalized presents that really mean the most. It's great to give flowers or a gift card, but remember that moms are suckers for the sentimental. This year get creative with how you tell your mom you love her!


  1. Your mom is definitely crying right now.

  2. haley- her mother absolutely cried!
    megan- i loved this gift- it was beautiful and thoughtful and heartfelt and exactly what i needed after missing you for so many months!