Handmade Love & What Preschoolers Taught Me About Crafts

Something that I'm terrible at is giving cards. I mean beyond birthdays and Mother's Day, I don't think I've given a single one in my life. There are all kinds of occasions, both good and bad that are worthy of a physical recognition, but these days we all seem content with a text or Facebook message. At least, that's what I've always been content with. Until now. 

Recently I've been wanting to get into the habit of giving cards of all kinds--birthday, thank you, congratulations, condolences, it could be anything. Then in my class this week we helped the kids make cards that said "I love you...this much!" for them to give to a friend. Each child put such care into their card and was so excited to give it to their friend of choice (mostly their moms). I was so inspired. That seems to be a pattern lately.

Each card was so unique and really showed the creator's personality. Some covered every inch with stickers, others scribbled beautiful abstractions, and some attempted signing their own names. They were all perfect. What really struck me was the complete abandon with which they worked. Nobody was self-conscious or worried about the outcome. They just set to work and poured all their love into the project.

I think what most often stops me from doing things like sending cards is fear. Fear that the sentiment will be misinterpreted or the delivery will be scrutinized. With age comes so much fear about what others will think or say, but I'm tired of that being a reason that I don't express myself. If I love someone, I want them to know. If I'm proud of their accomplishment, I want them to know. And I want them to know in more than just a passing text message. I want them to know in a card that I poured myself into making just for them. 

OK, getting off my soapbox now. I came home that same afternoon and spent my few free hours working on some cards that I could share with the people in my life, and I am so happy that I did. 

I decided that since this was my first attempt I would just use some paper and fabric I had sitting around. I like to test the waters with projects like these before I go out and invest tons of money on something I'm not going to stick with. I also love the challenge of creating only with supplies I have on hand. 

I ended up with four cards for four occasions. They were SO fun to make, and I honestly feel like I put a little piece of myself in each of them. I can't wait for the first opportunity to give one away!

So, here is my first batch of Homemade Love. I'm so excited to continue to learn and grow in this area of creating and sharing. I love when I become passionate about something that before wasn't even on my radar, it always feels so fresh and challenging. What projects are you getting excited about these days? 

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