DIY ottoman upgrade

Tom and I were extremely blessed to have family and friends that collected and donated a ton of free furniture to us. One piece was an amazing coffee table. It had a huge surface and sturdy claw-foot legs. We painted it yellow and it was everything I could have hoped for. I was in love. 

Then we got it into our living room and it just didn't feel right. I kept telling myself that nothing was wrong, but I knew it didn't work. It looked great in the room, but it wasn't functional for us. Originally I thought I'd want a big table that I could work on, we could eat on, we wouldn't be afraid to put our feet up on, etc. But as we lived in the room longer it became more a place that all of our friends would gather than a place where just Tom or I spent time. The table took up a majority of the sitting area but really offered nothing to the functionality of the room. I knew it had to go. 

I finally told Tom what I'd been thinking and we set out to find a suitable replacement. I wanted something that would offer storage, seating, and a place to rest our feet. That day as we walked through Target we found two black ottomans on sale for just $12! Fate! I knew immediately that we could recover the tops, add some feet, and they would be perfect. 

I happened upon this chevron shower curtain hanging in the bath section, and my heart skipped a beat. The colors perfectly matched our palate, and the fabric would hold up well to everyday life. I was on cloud nine. 

We rushed over to Home Depot to get legs. It's there that we encountered our first obstacles--furniture legs are expensive! The cheapest ones we could find were $6 per leg, and we needed 8. I was determined that I wouldn't spend more on the legs than on the ottomans themselves. My solution, having a long thin piece of wood cut into 24 squares that I would use to my leg own legs!

I sanded each piece until it's sides, edges, and corners were smooth.

Then I Gorilla Glued them together and used cans of food to help them set for about an hour.

I then popped off small plastic pieces on the bottom of each ottoman and Gorilla Glued the legs onto the corners. I let these set for two hours upside down, as shown, and then flipped them over and put weight in the bottom to set for twenty-four hours. 

While the legs were setting I cut my batting and fabric to size and began recovering the cushions. I accomplished smooth edges by folding the fabric over the edge of the batting before folding the entire thing up onto the cushion itself and stapling it in place. 

Finally my new ottomans were finished!

I love the extra texture and pattern they bring to the room. They're perfectly sturdy to move around and sit on, they store one blanket each for Tom and I, and now we never have to fight about whose feet are making the coffee table slide! 

Do you have a creative alternative to a traditional coffee table? I'd love to hear about it!

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