flower pot makeover DIY

I bought these flower pots months ago at Ikea. Originally they displayed lollipops on the dessert table at my wedding, but now they hold some adorable succulents on my kitchen window sill. I've known all along that they needed a little extra pop but I haven't been able to commit to any idea. After considering everything from chalkboard paint to covering them entirely in fabric, I finally remembered that washi tape exists! Why I didn't think of it sooner I'll never know, because it was simple, cheap, and makes such a big difference. 

First, make sure your pots are completely clean and dry.

Next, gather your tape. I actually got mine in the office supply section at Target!

Finally, the fun part--picking your patterns!

I decided on three different patterns, because you guys know I don't like when things get matchy.

This project was so fun and simple, and yet it makes a world of difference in my kitchen. It still amazes me how important the small details are in making a house feel like a home. Day by day, project by project, our little space is taking on our personalities and I love it. How have you updated your space lately? Give this project a try and share a picture of your finished product! 


  1. these look so adorable- i thought i liked them white but they are so much cuter with the little pops of color!

    1. I know! It adds so much more dimension to that window.

  2. How cute! So easy and simple to make too
    :) Liz @ www.rusticpeach.com