a big announcement

I have been absent from this space for far too long. These last few months have been crazy like never before. Last time I was here I shared that I'd just begun a new job and was settling into a brand new routine. Little did I know that an even bigger surprise was headed my way. 

That's right, Tom and I are expecting our very first little one! 

And it's a girl!

We could not have been more surprised when we found out about this addition to our family. After taking a little time to let the shock set in, we could not have been more excited. Now, just  a little more than half way through my pregnancy we are finally making preparations to welcome our daughter into our lives. These past five months have been filled with family, friends, quiet moments together and growth. 

We took an anniversary trip to Wilmington to visit some spots from some of my favorite shows.

We spent the night at a hotel right near the pier where the opening of Dawson' Creek was filmed!

I've been experimenting with new kinds of crafts and mediums.

We've spent a lot of days hiding from horribly cold weather.

Thanks to the generous help from a friend I completed my very first quilt! 

I gave it as a gift to some of our very best friends, and I cannot wait to make another for our nursery.

We took the long trip home for Thanksgiving and spent some much needed time with some of our favorite people. 

Friends shared in our excitement and made this season even more special. 

My family bought our little one some adorable gifts on a Black Friday trip to Ikea.

And we've gotten into the Christmas spirit with plenty of decorations and glitter!

This time has been one of the hardest but most incredible of my entire life. Pregnancy has been hard and knowing that our lives are about to be flipped upside down has been scary. But it has been so incredible to watch both Tom and myself process it all. This is not a place we'd expected to find ourselves so soon, or possibly at all, but we already feel so blessed by this surprise and these months that we have to prepare our hearts and lives. For me, part of that preparation is returning to the reason I started this blog--intentionally seeking inspiration. I'm so excited to get back into sharing and learning about beauty and creativity here. 

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