lana's nursery

I may be four days from my due date, but I already feel like she's decided to never come out. Ten months is a long time to be pregnant. In an effort to distract myself from this fact, I spent the afternoon finishing the last details in the nursery. Maybe she sensed that the room wasn't done and didn't want to make her appearance until everything was perfect. That's how babies work, right? 

I had such a good time putting this room together. Tom and I spent hours finding creative ways to get the look we wanted on the budget we had. I absolutely love how it turned out. I can't wait to watch Lana play, learn, and grow in here. 

The rocking chair was something I spent a lot of time worrying about. The room is small so a regular sized chair was out of the question. Then over Christmas time I was visiting my aunt, and she had this chair in her living room. It belonged to my great grandmother, and my mom has memories of it from her childhood. I commented on how the size would be perfect for the nursery, and my aunt offered it to me. It was incredibly generous and amazing. It's by far my favorite piece in the room.

The blanket on the chair was a gift from my very talented sister, and the Star Wars bear was a Valentine's gift from my dad a few years ago. The best part about the nursery is that it's already filled with so much love from others.

The changing table was another space-related dilemma. After an incredibly frustrating afternoon furniture shopping, Tom and I went to the local Habitat for Humanity Resale Store. They didn't have a dresser or table that fit our needs, but then we found this old kitchen cabinet. It was $30, the perfect height, and offered a ton of storage. Fate. We cleaned it up, added a foam pad on top, and filled it with all of Lana's adorable belongings. 

My brilliant BFF/Lana's godmother threw me an incredible baby shower and asked each guest to bring along their favorite kids' book. The result was that Lana has the most serious library of any baby ever. 

This guy is already a favorite of mine and Tom's. Again, a perfect gift from my generous little sister.

Each piece on the window sill holds a special place in my heart. The owl was a gift from a great friend, my dad brought the bottle back from a trip to the Ukraine, and the doll was a present from my grandmother when I was a little girl. She gave it to me when she moved out of our house. It winds up and plays music that I would listen to her whenever I missed her. She passed away my senior year of high school, and the only sad part about welcoming Lana is that my grandma won't be there to meet her. I hope that one day Lana loves this doll as much as I do.

I think the nursery turned out to be the perfect mixture of cute and meaningful. My greatest wish is that Lana always know how much she is loved, and I hope that the little details in this room help her see that from the very beginning. 

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