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In an effort to blog a little more non baby-centric stuff, today I'm taking a page from Danielle over at Sometimes Sweet. She occasionally does these kinds of posts, and I always loving reading about what she's into lately. I'm always looking for new things to try out, and it's a great way to get ideas. So, here goes. 

Doing: Sitting in bed enjoying a cup of a coffee and a little quiet. Tom and Lana are both still asleep, giving me a rare moment to just sit. The windows are open, and I can hear the trees softly swaying and birds chirping. It's so cliche but moments like this always make me stop and really appreciate what I have. Supporting Tom in school, working crazy hours and taking care of this little baby can be hard and exhausting sometimes, but there is nowhere else is rather be. So thankful for moments the remind me of that. 

Thinking about: What to do today. We'll have a rare afternoon and evening with Tom home and I want to really take advantage of it. We were thinking maybe a living room floor picnic. We both used to do it all the time as kids so it's got a fun, nostalgic vibe for us. What are some favorite picnic foods we should include? 

Watching: For once I don't have something that I'm obsessively watching. I just finished rewatching Parks & Rec (amazing decision, even funnier the second time through, everyone go watch it again, love it so much). Now I'm kind of stuck. A friend recommended Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries. I'm a few episodes in but having a little trouble really getting into it. Full disclosure, that could be because I've only been half watching because, who knew, babies require a lot of tending to. I also thought that I'd watch House, but the first few episodes are really not very good. I've seen sporadic episodes so I know it gets better, but I'm not sure I'm committed enough to muddle through the not so good to get there. In conclusion, gimme your best suggestions, guys. The situation is getting dire over here. 

Reading: At this very moment, nothing. But I do have a stack of books sitting next to the couch waiting for me to have more than five minutes where my hands are free enough to turn a page. If you've got some good kindle suggestions I'm all ears! 

Loving: The little faces Lana keeps making in her sleep. I never expected to be so content just watching another human's facial expressions, but hers are unbearably cute. 

Looking forward to: Some fun plans with friends on this long weekend. Spoiler, they involve sno-balls and the beach, and I could not be more excited. 


I know, I know, but nothing titled "Currently" would really be complete without a picture of that little smirk, because she is currently all consuming in my life. 

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  1. so glad you're having a calm morning! and that romper is pretty ridiculous. have fun at the beach!