little bits of lana

Everyone keeps telling me to soak up this stage of life. They say it's not easy but it flys by and I'll miss it when it's gone. I honestly don't think I believed them, but I already find myself wishing time would slow down. I know one day Lana will be sixteen and way too cool for me, and in those moments I want to remember the little things I loved most about her first weeks of life.

The way her forehead wrinkles and her mouth straightens into a line when she's done eating

How loose her arms and legs are when she's sound asleep

The fact that Tom's favorite part about her changes all the time

The way she smiles at me while she's eating, even if it's not technically a real smile yet

How fast she falls asleep when she's moving (car seat, carrier, stroller, etc.) 

When she stretches all the way out with her arms above her head

The fact that she looks like a little worm when she's swaddled

Her unbelievably soft skin and new baby scent

How soundly she sleeps curled into a tiny ball on my chest

The way Tom loves to hold and talk to her

These are just a few of the things that are so amazing about Lana. I hope I always remember just how special these first weeks were. Even the most sleepless night seems like not such a big deal in the light of day when she's curled up in my arms, with her arms folded under her chin, fast asleep.

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