lana gray: four months

I've said it a million times, but I just can't believe how quickly she's growing. Every time we take her out people comment on how big she's getting. When I come home from work I feel like she's grown inches in the few hours I've been gone. Nothing could have prepared me for how fast time is moving with her, and I'm so desperate to hold on to all the moments, big and little. 

This month she discovered just how delicious fingers are. She's officially sucking her thumb. Two years from now we might regret it, but right now it's just the cutest thing in the world. 

She loves this little Aiden & Anias blanket so much. When she's really sleepy she'll rub the silky corners over her eyes. It's unbelievabley adorable. When I has little I had a stuffed animal that I loved to literal pieces. So I've been excited to see if she'll attach to something the same way. Right now this blanket is a serious front runner. 

I love this picture because it perfectly captures her right now--happy and active. When she's excited, like in this picture, her eyes get big and she bounces her arms up and down. I just adore how expressive she already is. She loves to interact with people and talk up a storm. We're even getting some really good laughs out of her! I just know she's going to have a big, bubbly personality. 

She's getting so big and strong. She loves to push up and look around, is rolling over more frequently, and is a pro at grabbing toys and pulling them to her. 

She has the absolute sweetest disposition. She gets so excited for kisses, and she's super social. She can play on her mat alone, but she's much happier if we sit and play with her. When she's around other people she loves to laugh and smile, but she's sure to check around from Tom and I every once in awhile. I love how she'll just watch Tom move around a room, it's so easy to see how much she loves him. 

I could not love those big eyes, that perfect nose, those super chubby cheeks, those crooked lips, and all those tiny rolls of fat any more, because they all make up our amazing little Lana Gray. 

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