taking a minute to be thankful

My best friend is turning 25 this week, and I have a four month old baby. It is unbelievable to me that either of those things could be true. When we first became friends, a DECADE ago, I didn't even have the ability to imagine we would one day be this adult. Yet, here I am a full fledged grown up with no idea how I got here. 

The days pass so slowly, but the weeks go so fast and the months even faster. Everything just rushes by and it's so hard to grab onto the moments that really matter. I'm desperate to have as many reminders as possible of these days. Yes, they can be long and frustrating, but I'll never have these days again. Things will only be this way for a little while longer, and then we'll move on to the next stage. 

This is the stage of life when I became a mom. It's the time when Lana is discovering her entire world. It's a period where we get to grow and learn and prepare for what's ahead. 

So, today I am thankful that even for a minute I can slow down time enough to just appreciate the here and now...

...that I get to watch my baby sleep peacefully...

...that she is so sweet, happy and curious...

...and that I am incredibly blessed to watch her grow.

Now I'm off to be thankful that she actually went to bed early tonight, and I have time to paint my nails! 

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