lana gray: five months

As always, I'm late with this post. And these past few weeks have been so crazy that I didn't even get to take pictures. But don't worry, I have about ten million gems on my phone just waiting to be shared! So, here are a few that I've snapped over the last couple weeks. 

She's getting more personality by the minute. She talks and laughs all the time (note: not actually all the time, she does do her fair share of crying). She's incredibly social, and smiles so big when people talk to her. Unless they have a beard, she absolutely loses it when anyone with a beard tries to hold her. 

The biggest development this month has been her sleeping. Not only did we start crying it out, but we also stopped using our beloved Woombie sleep sack. She has always loved being swaddled, but Woombie recommends that you stop using the sleep sack when your baby can roll into their stomach. And we have definitely got a roller on our hands. I was really nervous about the transitions, but she's being a total champ about it.

She's becoming so alert and really beginning to engage her surroundings. People are always commenting on how expressive her eyes are. You can tell there is already so much going on in her little brain. She has favorite toys, likes to sit up instead of lay down, and is back to enjoying her car seat. 

It's absolutely unbelievable that she's so big already. I feel like every day she's doing something new for the first time. It seems like time flies by more and more quickly each month. 

This weekend we are on our first little vacation. We're spending the next few days in Savannah celebrating a wedding and then will make the drive back home to Florida to celebrate a new baby and spend time with friends. I'm so excited for the people I love to meet/get to spend more time with Lana. I'm always grateful for her, but some days I am just overwhelmed by the incredible blessing that she is. I can't believe that I get to love this tiny, happy, thoughtful, hilarious little human. 

Lana Gray, I love watching you grow but I wish you would take your time with it a little more. 

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