lana gray: six months

She might be closer to seven months than to six at this point, but I promise I took and uploaded these pictures on her actual six month-day. So, I'm at least somewhat on the ball. 

A lot has happened since our last Lana Gray post. She's so much fun right now. It seems like she's growing faster and faster all the time. She's laughing, talking, sitting up, and wiggling all around. She's sitting up in shopping carts and high chairs, cutting two little teeth, and chewing on absolutely EVERYTHING. She just has such a sweet and happy temperament. When she's sitting on my lap and turns around to smile at me it's the best thing in the world. 

She's eating some real foods now! We think banana is her favorite so far. (In reality chewing on Tom's fingers and my hair is her actual favorite.)

Always with a million things to say.

Also, she's discovered sucking on her toes. It's a big hit. 

I've probably said it a million times before, but she has the most expressive eyes. I can't wait until she can tell us what's going on in that little mind. 

Also, tags. She loves to chew on tags. This post should just be titled "What Lana Loves to Chew On".

Her cheeks are my favorite. They're still so chubby and squishy. It will be a sad, sad day when her little face slims down.

As always, I cannot say enough about what a joy she is. Even when she's refusing to nap, doing acrobatics while I'm trying to nurse her, or fusing when I walk out of the room for ten seconds, I can't help but feel overwhelmingly blessed to be a part of her life. It's scary and amazing that I've been entrusted to play a part in raising her. She might have been a crazy, unexpected surprise, but I seriously cannot imagine our lives without her. 

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