lana gray: eight months

Man guys, I am off my game on these updates. I missed seven months altogether, and I'm almost two weeks late on eight months. I promise to do better from now on. Life has been crazy, and this little baby is a chubby, adorable handful. 

She's developing so much personality! It feels like every day she's doing something new. This weekend she figured out the kissy face/noise, and it's just impossibly cute. She loves to click with her tongue, laugh when she's excited, and cock her head all the way to the side to get someone's attention. 

She's eating all kinds of food and is getting so good at feeding herself. Cheese and bananas are way high on her list of favorites. 

Still no progress on the crawling front, but she loves nothing more than standing and walking while we hold her hands. She loves to sit on laps and play and read all day long. Sandra Boynton is a big time favorite. 

She celebrated her first Christmas last week! We got her a few small gifts and were so blessed by other gifts sent by friends and family who love her so well. It was so fun to see her discover new toys and just absorb all the excitement around her. It's unbelievable how tuned in and inquisitive she is. 

She's just growing so fast these days. Tom and I keep talking about how insane it is that she's so close to a year. She's already starting to transition from baby to toddler, and I'm so not ready. 

We're just so incredibly grateful to have this happy, growing, perfect little baby. 

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