lana gray: nine months

Right now I love our morning routine. Lana wakes up around 6, Tom brings her to me in bed where I lay with her and nurse, and then she goes back to her crib to sleep a little while longer. Those moments are magical. Snuggling her close to my side, her smacking her lips while she sleepily looks up at me. Her tiny hand resting on the blanket that keeps us warm on these freezing winter mornings. The three of us in a cozy little cocoon. Those are the moments where everything makes sense. 

This morning when Tom scooped her up to take her back to bed she quickly smiled up at me. Right then I was struck by how much I love this stage. She's so aware and interactive. She's curious and happy. Somehow she's becoming more independent and more attached at the same time. The other day Tom called on his way home from work. I put him on speaker phone so he could say hi, and when she heard his voice the first thing she did was blow a kiss. Seeing how much she loves him absolutely kills me. 

She loves to be out and about, taking in as much as possible of what's going on around her. When we go to JoAnn's she holds her hand out so she can feel each fabric as we walk by. She waves hello and goodbye, gives kisses, and claps constantly. Introducing new foods has been so much fun. Cheese quesadillas, fruit of all kinds, and sweet potatoes are a few favorites. She'll gobble up anything we put in front of her. Incidentally she's also a pro at finding every single tiny scrap of anything that may be left on the floor after I sweep for the tenth time a day. 

Still no crawling, but I think she's getting close. Just this week we've noticed how much better she is at spinning, scooting backwards, and pushing up to her hands and knees. Hopefully we'll have a mobile baby soon! She loves to hold our hands and walk. If we were willing to spend all day hunched over waking her from one end of the house to the other she would be completely content.  

She loves to sing "The Itsy Bitsy Spider", give kisses to the animals in her books, look at her reflection in the iPad, and play with light switches. Some kids suck on their thumb, but she hooks it in to the side and just munches. Every single day I wonder where that tiny, helpless newborn went. She's growing so quickly I feel like I can't absorb it all fast enough. Part of me can't wait until she can run around and tell me what's on her mind, but mostly I just wants to spend the next hundred years squeezing her close and kissing those ridiculous chubby cheeks. 

So far, nine months definitely tops the list. 

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