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I've been thinking a lot lately about comparison. It's impossible to go through an entire day without comparing some aspect of my life to others. Social media being such an enormous part of our lives has some amazing benefits, but it can also be dangerous. It often leads not only to comparison but also to over consumption.

I love to create. I love envisioning something and being able to produce it with my own two hands. The problem arises when I have twenty ideas but only have the time to create one. I don't have enough time for all of it, so I just don't do any of it. I can get so bogged down with that adorable craft, and this gorgeous living room re-do, that successful marketing strategy, and this inspiring blog post. I end up sitting around feeling like everyone else just has it so together. They're more capable, they have more free time, they're just better. I begin to feel like I don't have enough creativity or know-how in me. What's the point because my work just won't measure up. What a horrible place to be!

I don't read blogs to feel like I have nothing worthwhile to say. I don't get on Instagram to hate my house/wardrobe/lack of vacationing. I don't have coffee with a friend to think about how I don't measure up. I do these things because I want to share life with other people. I love following along with other's stories and being inspired by their lives. If I'm walking away from these interactions with any other feelings then I'm doing something wrong. I don't want to be an unhappy consumer of other people's lives. I want to see their successes, be proud of them, and then be inspired to find my own. I don't want to take and take and take. I want to give. I'm not meant to passively watch others live. 

I've spent so much of my life not moving because I didn't have all the answers. If that's what I'm waiting for then I might a well give up the dream now, because it'll never happen. Instead, I'm going to embrace the learning curve. This year I'm looking forward to making mistakes, because that means I'm challenging myself. If I have an idea, I want to run with it. If there's a craft that won't get out of my head then I want to make it. If there's an opportunity that terrifies me then I want to chase after it. Life isn't going to slow down. In fact, it seems to be speeding up. I don't have any more time to waste waiting around for my dream job or house or whatever to jump into my lap. It's time to start making moves to get to where I want to be. 

So, let's do it up right this year, guys. Let's seize and make and dream and chase. Let's stop waiting and start being. 

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