currently: february

wearing black pants, white t-shirt, and a sweater. All day every day, guys. If my capsule wardrobes have taught me anything it's that I love simple, staple pieces. 
enjoying snow days. My town doesn't handle snow well--the whole thing shuts down for just a few inches. This means everyone is off work, and we can spend entire days just chatting and sharing meals with friends. Days like that are so good for my soul.
appreciating friends who will talk small business with me. This journey is a weird, and sometimes isolating, one. It's so nice to have people forging their own path who will talk the nitty gritty with me. 
reading Start by Jon Acuff (technically I'm listening to it). As stated above, I'm way into the small business/take your passions seriously thing lately, and listening to this book while I knock out orders has been super inspiring. 
eating so many sweet potatoes. I used to think I didn't like them, but I was so wrong. Sweet potatoes are so versatile! Tom and I throw them into basically every meal these days.
watching Pretty Little Liars, again. If you've never seen the show it probably seems lame, but I've been watching since day one and am totally addicted to the mystery. It's now a matter of pride to figure out who A is before they reveal it. 
fangirling over the fact that I'll be in the same airspace as Adam Levine on Monday night. Tom and I are taking our first trip away since Lana was born! Just a quick visit to DC for some delicious food, uninterrupted conversation, and a little Maroon 5. 
dropping essentials oils onto and into everything. I debated, researched and pestered friends with questions for mooonths before finally taking the plunge. Now that I've got my little kit of basic oils I feel like the possibilities are endless. 
waiting not so patiently for my haircut appointment this afternoon. Once I've got an idea in my head I'm the absolute worst at waiting.
thinking about all the possible ways to grow Seven Days. I feel like I'm at a crucial point in my business, and I want to take it in the right direction.
loving podcasts. Seriously, guys, I don't know how it took me so long to get on board this train, but I am loving it. Currently: Elise Gets Crafty and Startup. Told you, small business obsessed. 
doing my best to not rush Lana. Ten months is full of so much exciting growth and change, but I don't want to wish away a single moment with her just as she is. 
cutting way, way back on the number of TV shows I watch. It had gotten a little out of hand thanks to a nursing newborn and many nights home alone while Tom worked. 
looking for the perfect, versatile, durable, fun but still neutral, functional purse/diaper bag. Seriously, recommendations so, so welcome. 
announcing my newest project, 25 Stories. This year I'm turning 25. In preparation I'll be talking to some of the best ladies I know about how they've grown and what they've learned since their own 25th birthday. I'll be sharing their stories here on the blog. 

P.S. Headband in picture can be found here

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