lana gray: ten months

I'm panicking a little. My little baby isn't so little anymore, and it's amazing and awful at the same time. Time is flying by so quickly. I know she's going to be a year, and then five, and then fifteen before I know it. That probably sounds dramatic, but oh my goodness I didn't know time could move this fast. It's already hard for me to remember what those early weeks and months were like. It feels like she's always been this way. Crawling around, laughing hysterically as Tom tosses her into the air, grabbing her teddy bear and giving him kisses when she wakes up from a nap. I can't imagine that just a few months ago she wasn't doing any of those things. She changes in leaps and bounds but it seems to only take a moment. I know that two short months from now, as we celebrate her first birthday, she'll have a whole new set of tricks. Part of me can't wait to meet that little one year old, but the other part desperately wants to hold on tight to my adorable ten month old. 

This perfectly encapsulates how she sleeps/lives these days--all over the place. Every time we check on her she's managed to somehow twist, turn, and wiggle all over the crib without waking up. 

Nothing new, but she's obsessed with electronics. She doesn't even know what they really do, only that they're great for slobbering on. If you say "hello?" she will hold the phone (or just her hand if there's no phone within reach) up to her ear. Ridiculous. 

She's already got the "I don't think I'm supposed to go here/eat this but I'm going to anyway" face down. 

I'm trying to be conscious about slowing down and points during the day to enjoy just being together. This often means that we hang out in my bed for a little while after she wakes up from a nap. She never stops moving, grabbing little pieces of fuzz, and just generally exploring, but it's good for my heart to step away from the distractions and focus on who she is right now. 

We had our first "big" ice storm this week, and got to enjoy a snow day with friends. She was such a trooper through the cold and the long day away from home. Her easygoing, flexible nature is such an enormous blessing. I know she doesn't get it from me, but I am certainly thankful for it. Just like any baby she has her moments, but overall she's just so unbelievably happy. I hope I never forget how infectious that tiny grin is. 

Lana Gray, you are so amazing and bless us every single day. We could not love you more. 

Also, such a daredevil. 

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