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I've always been a list maker. I used to think that also meant I was goal oriented, but I don't think I've had many goals in life. I wanted things, and I worked hard to succeed. But ultimately I was just walking the path set before me. I graduated high school with a well rounded transcript. I went to college and got a degree. I got married, got a job, and started my adult life right on schedule. The plan was that Tom would finish his Masters, and we would both move on to bigger and better jobs. Then a wrench was thrown into those plans. Lana arrived and turned everything upside down. Tom had to take a semester off, we were working insane hours just to make ends meet. We were drowning. Our path wasn't working anymore. 

So we stopped just doing what was right in front of us. We took a second to breath and figure out what we needed to do. Tom got a new job. One that allowed him to support us financially, work a regular schedule, and still have enough mental energy for school. I transitioned to being home full time and opened my shop. For the first time in a long time, we were inspired and focused. 

All that to say, this might be the first year that I've walked into with actual goals. I have dreams, and I've laid out tangible steps to help get me there. You may have heard of picking one word to characterize your year, but this year I have two: all in. 

I want to be "all in" in every aspect of life. In relationships, business, parenting, health, my faith--everything. No more holding back, no more safety nets, no more talking myself out if it, whatever it is. It could be as small as inviting someone over even though I'm worried they'll say no and it will be awkward. Or it could be as big as actually telling people about the dreams I have for my business instead of downplaying it because what if it fails. 

It's easy for me to walk through life at 80%. Then if something doesn't work out, no big deal I wasn't that invested anyway. But guys, that sucks. What a lame way to spend my time. All that will give me is a guarantee for regret. I don't want to waste my time or sell my dreams short. This week I'll be sharing some of my goals, and giving a little update on how they went in January. In 2015 I want to be better about sharing the highs and the lows here. I want to be honest about my short comings and celebrate my successes. And I want to hear about yours! What do you have planned for this year?!

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