lana gray: eleven months

It's almost here. Lana's first birthday. I seriously cannot believe it. Part of me thought she would never turn one--she would just be a little tiny, squishy baby forever. But here we are gearing up to celebrate her first year of life. (AHHHHHHH.)

I know I say this in every post, but she is just learning and growing so quickly. She laughs when we laugh, says hello and goodbye, and gives big slobbery kisses when she sits on my lap. Every day she feels more like a little kid and less like a baby. Sunday afternoon we got home from lunch and laid her down for a nap. We could hear her making noise so Tom grabbed the monitor to see what she was doing. She was SITTING UP in her crib just playing with her stuffed animals. Guys, she's never sat up on her own before. She stayed in there for about twenty minutes just quietly playing like it was no big deal. 

I cannot get enough of watching her sleep. It blows my mind that I can just lay her down and she falls asleep. We've come so far from needing to be swaddled, rocked, bounced, and walked up and down the stairs for a half hour before she'd shut her eyes. Parenting is the most bizarre time warp. 

Now that she's crawling she is constantly on the move and gets around FAST. She's still faithful to the army crawl. I think we might skip "regular" crawling all together. She's finally pulling up and scooting around on the furniture. So walking, it seems, is in the not too distant future. Maybe. As sweet as she is, she definitely has a seriously strong will. She's doing things on her timetable, and I'm OK with that. Most days.

She loves Tom so, so much. The second he walks in the door from work she is all smiles and squeals. He can't leave her side for the rest of the night without a mini meltdown. Seriously, just look at how she's looking at him in that picture. So sweet. 

Her latest loves are nail polish bottles and baby dolls. You can bet she's always got at least one in her hand. Current favorite foods include zucchini, pears, and applesauce. Mostly she just loves anything she can do all by herself. It's so amazing watching her little personality develop. 

I wish I'd been able to get her eyes open in this picture, but I love how it captures her happiness. That's the best word I can use to describe my Lana Gray--happy. I am constantly amazed by her tiny smile and infectious laugh. So many days I am short-tempered and impatient. Every day I am undeserving of the incredible gift she is. 

P.S. Sometimes it feels like she's growing up way too fast. Then she does something like fall asleep all snuggled into my chest, and I remember how little she really is. 

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