currently: april

marveling at how mobile Lana is getting. She navigates herself from one side of the house to the other so quickly these days. She's also officially discovered the stairs. So, time for baby gates I guess. 

listening to my Jason Mraz Pandora station nonstop. It's all Jason, John, and Adam. I love it. 

trying  my hand at lettering. It's something I've always wanted to attempt, and I might finally be brave enough. 

recovering from three straight weeks of having guests in town. It was so, so great to see everyone, but we are definitely tired. Looking forward to taking things a little slower in the next few weeks.

reading B.J. Novak's book of short stories. I technically haven't started it yet, but I bought it yesterday and am really excited about it.

needing to get my hair trimmed. I finally found the perfect haircut, and I'm determined to keep up with it. 

loving when Lana really, hysterically laughs. I'm pretty positive there is no better sound.
working on so, so many headbands for a craft fair next weekend. 

planning our various trips this summer--two weddings and a family vacation. It'll be an exciting and busy few months!

re-watching The Office and remembering just how incredibly awkward Michael Scott is. Seriously, some moments are painful. Watching it this time around I'm so inspired by what a boss Mindy Kaling was/is. 

appreciating what an incredibly sweet father Tom is. 

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