currently: march

wearing a whole new capsule! My spring capsule might be my favorite so far. Although, that might have something to do with the fact that it doesn't include a coat. Sunshine and warmth ftw. 
enjoying the anticipation of everything we have planned in April. Far away friends and family coming to visit, lots of planning and dreaming for the shop, and Lana's first birthday!
appreciating the fact that I get to be home with Lana and still pursue my own dreams. It means cramming work into all the small corners of my day, but I love it.
reading not a whole lot right now. I did just finish The Rosie Effect, and was super bummed that I didn't love it. The Rosie Project was so great, but this one was just kind of a downer. All I could think was "poor Don...". 
watching Lana start to move around so much more. Just in the last week she's gotten way more comfortable pulling up, cruising around, and using her walker. She hasn't quite figured out sitting back down though. So once she's decided she's tired of standing/walking she proceeds with some seriously dramatic theatrics trying to convince me to come get her. 
fangirling about the Get to Work Book finally being available for pre-order. I've been following along with Elise's journey creating this product, and I'm so excited to finally get it in my hands. 
working on all the little details for Lana's birthday. We're having a joint party with one of her little baby friends, and I'm so excited to see their sweet, smiling faces as they dive into some cupcakes. 
thinking a lot about friendship and how it evolves as we grow up. I've got a post or two on the subject rattling around in my brain. 
loving this almost-one stage. It feels like every day her little personality is emerging more and more. 
cutting the fabric for so, so many headbands. I'm transitioning them out of the shop, so I hope to sell most of my stock at a craft show I'm doing in early May. 
listening to Lana quietly babble and play in her crib after naps. We've reached this amazing stage where she's totally content to slowly wake up and hang with her stuffed animals for a few minutes. It's the absolute sweetest thing.  
collecting words that inspire and putting them to good use on a few products that will launch in May. 
writing stories about some of the women I most admire, and feeling all the feelings while doing it. Seriously, this project is teaching and humbling me so much.  

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