longing for truth

I recently read this verse in 1 Peter, and was absolutely floored by it. It's one of those verses I've probably heard a million times and brushed right past. I don't think I full understood it until now; I had no understanding of what it meant to long for something with that kind of absolute need and urgency. A baby needs milk for so many reasons. It's their only source of nutrition, the routine of eating comforts them, and it allows them to bond with the person feeding them. All of these things are absolutely vital to a newborn's development. They don't know anything in the entire world except that they need that milk. Here, Peter is telling us that the Bible is that same vital component for our salvation.

I've always struggled to consistently live in God's Word. Maybe it's that I take it for granted, maybe I just don't assign it enough value. Whatever the reason, too often I completely let it slip from my daily routine. If Lana were to do that with her milk, she literally could not survive. I seem to have a hard time believing that about my relationship with the Bible. I can go a week, two weeks, even a month without really taking any time to read and study. Yet, I continue to live. I survive. But I don't think that's really the point.

Was I created just to survive? Am I on this Earth to walk from day to day just getting by with my sanity intact? No way. God says that we have been given abundant life. No matter my circumstance, I've been created to live with joy, peace, and to be completely fulfilled. That's so much more than survival. Looking at that way I can see that when I neglect his Word, the person he redeemed me to be literally cannot survive.

Without the pure nourishment of truth, my heart begins to harden and wither. Without the routine of reading, studying, and refilling myself I cannot find comfort in life's trials. Most importantly, without the time spent resting in God's presence my relationship with him suffers drastically. These things--a weakened heart, being overwhelmed by hardship, a damaged relationship with my Creator and Redeemer--are not signs of life. They are signs of death.

It's easy to become prideful, to feel like I already know it all. That's one of the dangers of growing up in church. After years of hearing the same message it's tempting to turn on autopilot and check out. The truth is, though, I'm so far from that. I am still so weak, so prone to wander away. My heart is still prideful and entitled. When I don't long for his Word these attributes win out. I become starved for goodness and truth, and I lose all perspective.

I pray that we would taste the purity of truth, and long for it with an undeniable intensity. That one day at a time we would learn that God alone can sustain and fulfill us, and that we would never stop thanking him for it.

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