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I created my first capsule last October. I'd read post after post about it, but honestly thought I would hate it. Then, for the first time in months, I got all the laundry done and put away. Unfortunately that meant I saw just how many clothes I'd accumulated. It was out of control in a big way. Just like basically everybody else in America, I had a closet full of clothes but I wore the same handful on rotation. They were the pieces I loved, the ones that I felt good in. The rest of it was there for "just in case maybe one day". It all suddenly felt beyond crazy, and I just started pulling everything out of my closet. Let me tell you, seeing it all piled on my bed didn't make it any better. Who let me get so out of control??? 

Even though it seemed over the top radical and truly a little impractical, I decided to give the capsule system a try. My first one was made of 98% pieces I already owned and rounded out with an H&M gift card. It felt amazing. I could see what was in my closet. It only took two minutes to get dressed because I loved all my options. I was hooked. 

When it came time to build one for Winter I surprised myself. Living for three months with a limited wardrobe taught me something--I love basics. Don't get me wrong, patterns and sequins have their place, but for my every day life all I wanted was some classics. Apparently jeans and a t-shirt are the way to my heart. And not a black t-shirt like I thought, I just want a good old fashioned white t-shirt. That sounds so obvious, but it was a breakthrough for me. Giving myself the freedom to love dressing simply was a big deal. 

Now the snow has melted and it's time to pack away the coats. Flowers are beginning to bloom, the sun has returned, and I can't wait to trade my whites and tans for some color. I'm obviously biased, but I love my spring capsule. So many soft t-shirts, a good pair of dark wash jeans, a couple bold dresses--it has everything I could hope for. I mixed it up with a graphic tee and some unexpected blue cropped pants. I have to keep things a little fresh, right? #1 best highlight: SHORTS, GLORIOUS SHORTS. It may not be warm enough just yet, but the day is coming. 

I know capsules are all the rage right now. I'm not saying I'll do it forever, but right now it feels really good. The older I get the more I realize stuff just gets in the way. I don't need to waste time or space with twenty different pant options, and it feels so good to respect that. Life is complicated enough, let's make it a little easier by simplifying the spaces around us.

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