why i blog

There are a lot of reasons to blog.

People do it to keep friends and family up to date on their lives. Some blogs promote businesses. Other blogs are businesses. Blogs can inspire, instruct, or inform. If there is something you want to learn about, you can find a blog to teach you. Really, they're a dime a dozen. So why would I set out to start another? Why bother attempting what is already being done so well by so many? That's a question I wrestle with constantly.

I recently had a conversation about how insane the blog world is getting. People are making serious profits with their blogs. Bloggers are given everything from food, to clothes, to entire home renovations or vacations. All in turn for writing about the experience. It sometimes seems like they're entire life is one big commercial. They're living fabulous lives and being paid to share every minute of it. That's kind of cool, but also kind of scary. How will they feel when they look back in twenty years? What will their kids think when they're old enough to understand how much of their childhood was about selling products? I honestly don't know. Maybe they'll think it was awesome. Or maybe they'll regret giving so much of themselves to strangers. Our generation is pushing into uncharted territory. We're sharing more of ourselves than has ever been shared. I think that can be really dangerous or incredibly beneficial, depending on how we do it.

I believe in sharing stories. I started 25stories because I think that we all live our specific lives for a reason, and part of that reason is so they can be shared. There is so much value in our experiences. Part of that value is the way they enrich our lives, but part of it is how they can help other people. If I walk through something, I can turn around and help guide someone else through a similar situation. If I've experienced something amazing, I can encourage other people to try it too. Our stories are a gift we've been given to share with others in the hope that they will help them see the bigger picture. That's why I want to blog.

I don't have it all figured out. I don't live a glamorous life or have a perfectly clean, white washed house. I won't have gorgeous, relevant pictures to include in each post. All I can really offer is honest reflection. I can only promise to show up here, share some stories, and try to figure out what they mean in the grand scheme of things. My only real goal here is to connect with someone. My wildest dream is that something I write helps even one person make a little bit of sense of what they're walking through. For a long time I've struggled with feeling unqualified to even dream that. I have so much to learn still, and it's easy to hide behind that. But won't that always be the case?

Nobody has it all figured out. If we wait for perfection before we start then we'll spend our whole lives waiting. I don't want to waste my life being afraid of the unknown. I don't have a professionally designed blog, perfectly curated home decor, or organic recipes. What I do have is a passion to share my experiences through writing. So that's what I'm doing, and I'm so grateful for those of you who take the time to read my words and encourage me in this process.

P.S. I can guarantee to have an endless supply of unrelated yet adorable Lana pictures.

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