currently: june

reading so, so many things. I finally discovered putting books on hold at the library, and on our last visit I came home with a stack of six. Right now I'm in the middle of The Age of Innocence. It's a nice change of pace from  the more modern stuff I've been reading. Next on deck: The Fringe Hours and Geek Love.

watching  we're taking the summer off from TV, but are doing movie nights once-ish a week. It's been fun to take turns picking the movie. If you have some good recommendations I'd love to hear them!

drinking coffee and water, on repeat. I got a coffee grinder and french press for Mother's Day so now my coffee game is pretty strong. I've been adding a few drops of various citrus essential oils to my water, and it makes staying hydrated so much more fun. 

playing in Lana's new swimming pool. Girl loves the water, and I love working on my tan. Win-win. 

planning another trip to Florida for a wedding and some 4th of July celebrating. I'm dreading that 12 hour drive but am so excited to see friends and family. 

working on the launch of my new Seven Day's product. I've finally (yes, finally) landed on an idea I love, and I hope everyone else loves it too. 

learning more about nutrition and healthy eating. Even during the periods where I was working out consistently my eating has never been well balanced. I don't want to diet or restrict. I want to know what my body needs and be equipped with simple, delicious ways to provide it. I picked up the book Clean Slate and am pretty optimistic about it. 

sporting classic red nails. This week is all about recharging and resetting, and red nails always motivate me to be on top of my game. 

thinking about what the next few years hold for Tom, Lana, and I. I love how things are right now, but I'm also feeling a pressure to consider what's coming next. Ugh, adulthood. 

listening to Gimlet's new podcast "The Mystery Show". The host finds various mysteries and solves them. It's an interesting and easy listen that's perfect for all the laps I do around my neighborhood trying to get 10,000 steps. 

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