summer goals

After a couple months of pure craziness, I'm so excited for the beginning of summer and a little slower living. Summer is such a nostalgic time for me, it really makes me miss Florida. I love the beach trips, long afternoons in the pool, cookouts and movie nights, afternoon thunderstorms, and the chance to reset. Last summer Lana was so young that we spent our days napping, nursing and watching TV. So this year I'm excited that she's old enough for us to really enjoy the season and hopefully check some things off my summer bucket list.

1. Go to a drive-in movie

2. Buy a baby pool and spend our afternoons splashing in the water and drinking smoothies

3. Spend a night at the beach

4. Make tons and tons of popsicles

5. Read 10 books

6. Have weekly movie night

7. Host game night

8. Go on more picnics

9. Make homemade ice cream

10. Take a day trip to Duke Gardens

11. Introduce Lana to finger painting

12. Take more family pictures

13. Try a new restaurant

14. Spend a whole day with no phones

15. Go on lots of walks and eat lots of snow cones

Mostly my goal this summer is to relax and spend time connecting with people instead of electronics.

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