phone dump

Remember when I said I couldn't wait for a summer full of long walks and homemade ice cream? Well, HA HA HA. 

Our summer was certainly not the sunny, sleepy, slow paced reprieve we'd been hoping for. That's not to say we haven't been enjoying it, we definitely have. But we've been going in what feels like a hundred different directions, and we're kind of tired. So, we decided to extend our "summer" through August and use the next two weeks before Tom starts back to class to relax and knock a few things off the list

All that to say, this month, and this week especially, are a kind of reset for me mentally. I figured that meant it was about time to dump some iPhone gems I've been hoarding and make room for some new memories. 

I've said this ten million times, but the personality in this girl in amazing. She is already so feisty and opinionated. I know that's probably going to cause some head bumping in the future, but it still makes me proud. I hope she never loses that confidence to be herself.

It's so sweet to watch her actually select things. Toys to play with, books to read, where to sit, who to hug--you can see the wheels turning in her head as she considers her options and decides on what she wants. 

She is nonstop all day, but when it's time to sleep she melts right into my arms exactly like she did when she was just hours old. She won't always fit so snuggly in my arms, but I hope I'm always a safe place for her to rest. 

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